The pHountain Overview

Proactive Health Demonstration:

Are you tired, feeling rundown, bloated? It is difficult to lose weight? Your first step to taking back control of your health and your body starts with a Proactive Health Demonstration, or a pHD as we call it. In this educational seminar you will learn about the main causes of disease and what you can do to be proactive to slow down and even reverse it. We open your eyes to common everyday things that most people do without even realizing it that accelerate the downward spiral. Schedule your Free Personal PHD Today.

Long Island’s leading educational resource for Alkaline Health Products, Services and is also the leading source for Proactive Lifestyle Education. We provide FREE private seminars presenting a complete understanding of how to live a PROACTIVE LIFESTYLE. We cover topics on nutrition, self analysis, super-foods, dietary trends, daily toxins vs. detoxing as well as a vast array of new-world information that helps to make sense of our lives in relation to the world around us. Our private mini-classes are presented by the most dynamic expert trainers who bring clarity and awareness about what is REAL wellness from those who live the path of longevity. Call for an appointment today. Just bring your desire to live a better, healthier existence – and we’ll do the rest!

What will you learn with your pHountain proactive health demonstration:

In this comprehensive 25 minute educational class at one of our convenient Long Island pHountain locations you will:

  • Discover the 4 main causes of disease and what you can do to proactively limit your risk
  • The secrets to losing pounds of fat without diets, drugs, or products that make your heart race.
  • How to destagnate your body’s internal cleansing system to remove harmful disease causing toxins
  • And how to take control of your health so you feel great, have more energy, and reduce pain in 3 simple steps.

Free Detox Service of Your Choice

Come in for an educational free overview of the pHountain lifestyle and you’ll get a FREE Detox service of your choice.* (Either a 30 minute far-infrared sauna and whole body vibration session or an Ionic Detox Footbath) 

In this overview you will discover:

  • How to take back control of your health with simple and easy choices you can make immediately
  • How to increase your energy and start feeling great.
  • How to easily lose trigger your body to start losing stubborn weight.
  • How inflammation and acid cause cell damage and how to reverse it.
  • How to reduce and eliminate pain and inflammation.

Set up your appointment TODAY for your overview to claim your free gift.

pHountain Starter Kit

We’ve put together a special kit to get you started on your journey to feeling great, increasing your energy, and taking back control of your health.

This starter kit includes:

  • (1) 40 serving size of Super pHactor
  • (1) 60 serving size of Green pHactor 
  • (2) 1 gallon glass jugs filled with pHountain pHresh Water with H-pHactor Boost
  • (1) 1/2 gallon glass filled glass jug
  • (1) pHountain Tote bag

This starter kit normally retails for $166, for first time visitors who attend a pHountain Lifestyle overview they will get an instant savings coupon of $62. ONLY $99 for first time visitors of a pHountain Store

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SPECIAL OFFER! 1st time visitors can get a FREE Detox Service of their choice (either a FREE Far-Infrared Sauna or FREE Detox Foot Bath) 
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